Is Bespoke Best? The Truth About Function of Beauty

 Function of Beauty NZ Review

Since having had my hair bleached—for the first time, I have a blonde ombre-balayage over my head—I knew I had to get a proper purple shampoo soon. Four months in, my hair is nearly almost undeniably brassy.

My hair is thick, tends to be dry, and my scalp is susceptible—to the point where using the wrong shampoo could break me out—which makes sense because our scalp is an extension of our facial skin. So you see where the high selectivity comes in.

I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to most things, but finding the perfect set of hair cleansing products is something that has challenged me for years and years.

I have since been on no-poo—and it works wonderfully. But, now I need something to keep away the brass—enter Function of Beauty.

Start the hair quiz

Their website is pretty neat and straightforward to use. Creating your personalised shampoo and conditioner hair care takes less than ten minutes.

You can customise the ingredients based on your needs, your chosen fragrance (there’s six to choose from—seven if you count fragrance-free as one) and the level of fragrance, as well as the colour of your shampoo.

I opted for a fragrance-free formula—one that is guaranteed (from experience) not to irritate my scalp. Add in your name to complete the whole custom-tailored experience. My order took about a couple of weeks or so to arrive in Auckland. The formulas take around a week to complete before they are shipped out.

TOP hair goals + Ingredients

These were my mane goals:

  • Reduce Brassiness: Prevent blonde or bleached hair from having unwanted brassy/orange/yellow tones by neutralising with purple pigments. Key Ingredients: yuzu fruit extract + deep purple pigments

  • Nourish Roots: Stimulate your hair roots and facilitate the transport of key nutrients to hair bulbs and shafts for healthier, fuller hair. Key Ingredients: blue-green algae + coconut fruit extract

  • Thermal Protection: Moisturize and condition heat damaged hair while protecting strands from future damage caused by thermal styling. Key Ingredients: grapeseed oil + linseed oil

  • Deep Condition: Moisturize and deeply condition your hair from the inside out to repair damage from heat and/or chemical processing. Key Ingredients: shea butter + avocado oil

  • Replenish Hair: Replenish nutrient-depleted strands, reverse damage and protect your hair from environmental stressors. Key Ingredients: chestnut extract + rice protein

 Purple shampoo and conditioner from Function of Beauty NZ

Function of—verdict

I’ve been using my sulfate-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free purple shampoo for four months now and it has improved the condition of my hair. I’ve had no reactions as well, which is a good sign! The shampoo is quite thick and pigmented, so I only need to use it once or twice in a fortnight to keep brassiness at bay.

My hair feels soft and moisturised, even if I don’t use the conditioner, which means the quality of surfactants they use is mild enough not to completely strip the hair of its natural oils. This factor is essential to know because not all sulfate-free shampoos are created equal. I’ve tried some that are worse than their with-sulfate counterparts.

With the conditioner, my hair feels smooth and silky without it being limp. And there’s absolutely no scent, which I love.

All in all, I’m delighted with the results as it has resolved all my hair worries.

But the real question is…

Is it worth it?

It has taken me a while to find something that works for me and one that I’m not hesitant to use again and again. I say yes. To my knowledge, Function of Beauty is one of the only two brands (the other being Prose—available in the US only) who offers bespoke hair care.

They speak well to certain people—like myself—who haven’t found the right product for them. And would find it significantly helpful to create and use products tailored to their wants and needs (aka hair goals).

Also, it’s a whole lot of fun to personalise! I love seeing my function ofjaya in the shower. It’s the same feeling I get when lighting my Le Labo candle.

Of course, it’s a different story to mass-marketed hair care which, without a doubt, works well for a lot. It costs a lot less too. The thing is, I haven’t found one that suited me.

So I say, try it and have fun with it!

  • stacey
    May 19, 2019Reply

    This is great. The fact that you found such a great product to fix the bleaching process is awesome.

  • Katie
    May 20, 2019Reply

    This sounds like a great way to repair your hair. I also enjoy dying and bleaching my hair. A refresher never hurts!

  • Amy Smith
    May 20, 2019Reply

    I always have the problem of my hair being limp too when I use conditioner! I will have to try it!

    August 19, 2019Reply




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