Spotlight On Curionoir: Pablo and Ponsonby Flagship

An image of Picasso sitting, smoking in his studio with the clearest mesmeric eyes, alluring skin, the lines on his face telling many stories, is the inspiration behind this fragrance and candle scent.

Tiffany Jeans, Founder

The cultish and coveted Curionoir.

The convergence of deep-set values and a discerning grace in crafting fragrances is expressed beautifully in Tiffany Jeans’ work and philosophy. Since 2011, Curionoir has created a selection of beautiful hand-crafted candles and intoxicating extraits de parfum.

The fragrances for both skin and space are created by Tiffany Jeans herself, in collaboration with selected perfumers in Grasse. There is a commitment of supporting growing communities in remote regions when sourcing fine raw materials and in each fragrance, every component is meticulously chosen. 

Each batch is intentionally small. They are bottled and packaged right inside their store in Ponsonby Road.

 Curionoir Extrait de Parfum Review

Flagship home

The facade invites curiosity with the window facade draped in oxblood velvet curtain. Step inside. A sensory world awaits.

The first thing I noticed when I entered was the apothecary-style wall where the hand-poured candles, hard soaps, and bottles of extraits de parfum are displayed in elegant fashion. In the softly dimmed room, the bottles gleamed like gems.

Tiffany was looking after the beautiful store when I came to visit. We gathered around the large monolithic table, which she mentioned was hand-carved by her cousin. She has a wonderful air about her. We went through the different fragrances, smelling each of them on paper and on skin, and hearing their own unique stories.

The bespoke hand-blown bottles are mesmerising—and one you can take home for yourself.


This latest extrait de parfum is fresh, spicy and powdery with notes of Lemon, Frankincense, Cuban Tobacco Leaves, Freesia, Mimosa, Coriander, Patchouli, Aniseed, Vanilla Absolute and Tonka Beans.

It starts out punchy and fresh. Like a strong lemony elixir—a bit spicy. It may be heady in the beginning, which is usual for an extrait de parfum as they are so dense and rich. You only need 2-3 drops on your skin, though feel free to be generous.

The sharpness, Tiffany says, is inspired by Pablo Picasso’s gaze. And much like his artwork, the fragrance invokes a range of emotions coming from the delicate tapestry of florals, spices, and tobacco.

Equally stunning to wear during the day or the night. After the notes have opened up on your skin, it dries down to a soft powdery finish.

The artist influenced so many with his work, but do we know enough about his life, the forbidden, the forgotten. This fragrance is a journey, an exploration. Then fragrance is some-what magnetic, much like Pablo.

Extrait de parfum

Much of Curionoir is inspired by tradition and history. Extraits de parfum, or simply parfum, are a rarity nowadays—they are often thought of as near extinction.

Extrait de parfum is the most concentrated form of fragrances and is usually between 15 and 40% of oil concentration. But it is not only about the concentration, they contain more precious and rare natural ingredients. Because of the lower alcohol content, they keep closer to the skin. The scent stays more intimate and long-lasting.

You may think Curionoir’s 4ml Pocket Parfums might be tiny, but they do hold a lot as you only use a tiny amount each time. A couple of drops is all I usually need to carry the gorgeous scent all day long.

Lastly, how to apply perfume

Curionoir — 76a Ponsonby Road, Auckland, New Zealand


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