13 of the Best Websites Made for Women

Created especially for women

We have unique interests and we have unique needs. Here are the top picks of female-centric websites—from empowerment, health, finance, and an array of subjects that relates to us, all told through the insights of other women. Why restrict the celebration every March? Let’s do it all year round!


Focus on: Self, Identity, Philosophy

The gist: Womankind‘s aim is to introduce ideas that challenge contemporary thought and conditioning. Are our thoughts and aspirations truly ours?

What’s to love: Every month, Womankind holds a challenge for its readers and asks them to write about their experience in a diary. The challenge is usually 5 days long. Previous challenges have included doing acts of kindness for strangers, leaving your smartphone at home (for five days!), and the now-trendy ‘declutter your home’ challenge. The second challenge has been a joy to read. Granted, the stories chosen are published not on their website but on print. Wouldn’t it be fun to join at least one of them?

Must-read: Women as revolutionaries, The age of anxiety, The Cartoon Philosopher: 13 questions with Michael Leunig, Women in the Italian Mafia

 Best female website - Womankind


Focus on: Women of colour, Non binary people of colour

The gist: gal-dem is a magazine (online and in print) where all of the content is produced by women and non-binary people of colour. The aim of gal-dem is to open up our take on the world to a wider audience. We want people from all backgrounds to engage with the work we are doing. It’s no secret that the mainstream media doesn’t represent or reflect us, so we are doing it for ourselves.

What’s to love: Liv Little founded gal-dem as a way to reach out to women of colour like herself. The stories and commentaries here are honest, cut-throat and thought-provoking.

Must-read: There is a fine line between tokenism and diversity, Japanese and Chinese are not the same thing, 10 questions Caribbean people hate being asked, Where are all the desi models?

 Best website - Women of colour

Brain Pickings

Focus on: Literature, Science, Art, Philosophy

The gist: It is an inquiry into what it means to live a decent, substantive, rewarding life, and a record of Maria Popova’s becoming as a person—intellectually, creatively, spiritually—drawn from her extended marginalia on the search for meaning across literature, science, art, philosophy, and the various other tentacles of human thought and feeling.

What’s to love: While not exclusively for women, Brain Pickings is Maria Popova’s one-woman labor of love. This website is probably one of my earliest memories of the internet and I look forward to her intellectually juicy newsletters in my inbox. There’s a lot of interweaving of genre and topics when it comes to Maria’s essays which are enlightening, to say the least. There’s a abundance of knowledge to learn from this polymath, Like to read? Check out Book Pickings, Maria’s curation of beautiful books to read.

Must-read: How Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron’s Daughter, Became the World’s First Computer Programmer, Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Our Lives, Letter to Borges: Susan Sontag on Books, Self-Transcendence, and Reading in the Age of Screens

 Women website - Literature, Science, Art

Atelier Dore

Focus on: Femininity, Inspiration, The ubiquitous je ne sais quoi

The gist: Atelier Doré is a website and integrated creative studio full of cool women who want to have honest and not so serious conversations about style, femininity and the world today. They tell stories, feature friends and inspiring people we want to get to know, and create content to inspire a more creative life.

What’s to love: There’s so much to admire from Garance Dore’s blog turned portal for women. From inspirational women, beauty reviews, style tips (take it from the effortlessly elegant French cool girl founder), and tackling taboo topics—all emanate down-to-earth honesty.

Must-read: 7 ways to look better in photos, Zero Waste / Lauren Singer, Living Raw with Mimi Kirk, Boobs… Boobs!…. Boooobs!…. Booooooobs!!!

 Atelier Dore - Best Lifestyle Website

the Lala

Focus: Individuality, Young women empowerment

The gist: the Lala is an online magazine dedicated to empowering 20-something women from across the globe with the authentic, positive and uplifting content they’ve been waiting for. From hard-hitting opinion pieces to fun fashion advice to our all-original video and photography, the Lala produces substantial, stylish and spirited content.

What’s to love: While at school Katherine & Molly noticed a major disconnect between negative college media and the bright, passionate women who were consuming it. So they decided to do something about it. They’re expanding the Lala across the world with one mission in mind : create a publication that produces creative, powerful and substantial media for college women, by college women.

Must-read: The Problem With The Saying “Beauty Is Pain”, The Difference Between “Having Anxiety” And “Being Anxious”, 9 Reasons Why We Need Feminism More Now Than Ever, Why “Minimalism” Should Be Your 2018 Resolution

 Best website for college women - the Lala

Blood + Milk

Focus on: Sex, Body Image, Menstruation, Abortion, Fertility

The gist: Blood + Milk is a community and resource for the awakening woman. Their mission is to consider and expose the physical, physiological, emotional, spiritual, psychological, social, political, cultural, and economic forces that influence the way women exist in their female bodies while striving for wellness.

What’s to love: Cora launched Blood + Milk as a response to the lack of a single dedicated site focused solely on the physical, emotional, and spiritual experience of life in a female body. Their articles are informed and well-researched—they answer burning questions most of us wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Must-read: What is a Woman Worth?, What Did Women Do Before Tampons? A Brief History of Period Products, Through the Looking Glass: Are We Mirrorring Our Mother’s Body Image?, Eliminating Impostor Syndrome & Scarcity Mindset from the Female Leadership Narrative

 Blood + Milk - Best website for women health


Focus on: Pop culture, LGBTQ community, Gen Z

The gist: A next-generation community platform. them chronicles and celebrates the stories, people and voices that are emerging and inspiring all of us, ranging in topics from pop culture and style to politics and news, all through the lens of today’s LGBTQ community. By celebrating them, we’re really celebrating all of us.

What’s to love: The articles are a mix of news, pop culture, and insightful commentary coming from voices and perspectives of people in the LGBTQ community.

Must-read: How Instagram’s Beauty Boys Are Changing Our Ideas About Gender, This Is What Gender-Nonbinary People Look Like, What It’s Like to Be a Black Trans Woman in America

 Best LGBTQ website - them

The Cut

Focus on: Fashion, Beauty, Career, Money

The gist: The Cut is the premier destination for women with sharp, stylish minds. No matter the subject, they address topics head on, with generous wit, unflinching honesty and undeniable power.

What’s to love: This is a recent discovery for me and this is my current favourite website to go to—if not daily!

Must-read: The Forgotten Black Woman Behind Betty Boop, Why We Need Older Women in the Workplace, How I Get It Done: Elaine Lui of LaineyGossip, Is Estrogen The Key To Understanding Women’s Mental Health?

 Best magazine for women - The Cut

Create & Cultivate

Focus on: Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Bosses

The gist: Create & Cultivate is an online platform and offline conference for women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams. They gather the next generation of curious creatives, entrepreneurs and bosses to spark conversation around the topics they are passionate about from building your business to raising money, we hit all the topics for modern working women.

What’s to love: Here you’ll discover stories about talented, like-minded women while learning from some of the best in the business.

Must-read: Meet the Woman Who Left Oprah to Write Her Own Story, The Most Inspirational Thing You’ll Read All Day, Kore Kitchen Founder Explains Why She’ll Always Be a Small Business, 12 Questions to Ask Yourself to Unearth Your Life’s Mission

 Create and Cultivate - Best website for Women Entrepreneurs

Man Repeller

Focus: Style, Pop culture, Identity

The gist: Man Repeller explores the expansive constellation of things women care about from a place of openness and humor, with the conviction that an interest in fashion doesn’t minimize one’s intellect.

What’s to love: I remember when Man Repeller was just Leandra Medine and her knack of throwing random things on her person and manage to look stylish. Now it has evolved into mighty media company with a mission of making women feel more understood and less alone by fostering community and conversation on topics that run a gamut from style and power to culture and identity.

Must-read: Going Makeup Free Change Me in More Ways than I Thought, Four Women Celebrate the Beauty of their Body Hair, What’s The Meaning of Fashion? I Asked 12 Industry Veterans, The Things You Learn When You Stop Shopping for a Month

 Man Repeller - Best Style Website


Focus on: Glossy, Dreamy editorials, Interviews

The gist: RUSSH Magazine is an independent fashion magazine showcasing innovators in fashion, beauty and the arts. RUSSH reflects the way intelligent women approach fashion and beauty to create their own distinctive style.

What’s to love: It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of RUSSH Magazine and there are gems to be found on their website too. From the dreamy photos—those Postcards series look so nostalgic—to latest beauty releases and fashion news.

Must-read: What is mindfulness in the modern world?, Wake up new, You’ve got to express yourself, On creativity and finding therapy through the arts

 RUSSH Best Independent Women Magazine

Lean In

Focus on: Women in the Workplace, Equality at work

The gist: We help women achieve their ambitions and work to create an equal world. We want a world where people of every gender can pursue their dreams without bias or other barriers holding them back. Where girls grow up to be confident, resilient leaders. Where more women run companies and countries. We are driven by the belief our society and economy would be better if women and girls were valued as equal to men and boys. We help women come together to learn from each other and achieve their goals, because women can be a powerful force for change in the world. We advocate for better public policies and a more equitable workplace, because to make lasting change, we need institutional change. We run programs to combat bias, because changing the trajectory of women and girls means changing how we think about gender.

What’s to love: All of the above.

Must-read: Women in the Workplace 2018, 7 Tips for Men Who Want to Support Equality, How to Encourage Girls to Lead, Surfing the S-Curve: How to Disrupt Yourself and Why

 Lean In - Equality for women at work website


Focus on: Celebrating Diversity

The gist: Broadly is a platform for the hundreds of millions of us whose stories aren’t represented—or are often misrepresented—by traditional institutions. By centering the lives and experiences of women, gender non-conforming people, and LGBT individuals, Broadly provides a space for us to understand, express, and navigate our identities as we define who we are and where we’re headed next.

What’s to love: From sexuality to beauty, pop culture to humor, politics to health, Broadly shows the world what’s possible when we place our myriad experiences, voices, and interests front and center.

Must-read: The Timeless Myth of Medusa a Rape Victim Turned Into a Monster, How Urban Dictionary Became a Cesspool for Racists and Misogynists, God Has Been a Woman Since the Beginning of Time

 Best for website for pop culture - Broadly

  1. This is such a cool roundup- and quite unique, I have to say! I already knew about Man Repeller, but the rest are new to me. Thanks for the reading material, I have something to sink my teeth in 🙂

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