What’s The Use of Feeling Blue



This week in photos

Pretty flowers and dairy-free ice creams are a treat in the summertime. They do instant wonders and serve as beautiful reminders of our fleeting realities. Giapo makes their ice cream so good. Poof! Gone in a flash. The flowers hold on for longer. I love coming to the City Works Depot to enjoy the sun while having breakfast at Odette’s and afterwards, head downstairs to The Botanist to pick up some blooms. The florist didn’t seem too fond of my choice of florals—they’re probably too eccentric for her liking. What do you think?

A trip to The Lighthouse by Michael Parekowhai at the Queen’s Wharf is one to remember. It’s a beautiful installation of a quaint house decorated with dazzling lights on the inside, with the structure overlooking the harbour. One could just sit, stare, enjoy the breeze, and be mesmerized. Because, really, what is the use of feeling blue?

 Casablanca at Sylvia Park, Auckland, New Zealand - Jaya Gascon


 The Botanist, Auckland Florist - Jaya Gascon

 Williams Eatery at Wynyard Quarter, Auckland - Jaya Gascon


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