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Under the Autumn Moon

Autumn ends

The moon is full, as I write this. The blue moon, they call it. The last full moon of autumn. Wasn’t last month’s full moon called the pink moon?

It feels like I haven’t experienced winter in such a long time—I escaped most of it last year. All I can remember is warmth and now that the temperature is dropping, I’m almost panicking. Granted, winter in Auckland is mild. At most, it can drop to zero. But I am a girl from the islands, and my body has yet to acclimate to the cold weather. I miss summer already.

This year is going by pretty fast; I have to say.

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  1. You have such a unique style; these outfits are so nice and I must admit I love the aesthetic of your blog as well. We should trade places – it is currently a hot summer time here in Dubai, so whenever you’re ready xx


  2. Love the outfits. Really look nice and comfortable! And I love the first photo with the moon and gradient sky in the background. Lovely ♡

  3. Autumn comes, the summer is past, winter will come too soon, Star will shine clearer, skies seem nearer Under the Harvest Moon Autumn comes, so let us be glad, singing an autumn tune Hearts will be lighter, skies seem brighter Under a Harvest Moon

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